Last summer (2012) I spent few weeks in Sweden. I contacted Vanbot who I loved the music, and really wanted to do a session with her.
She was at that time on vacacion in Kållandsö, a little island in Lidköping. It turned out that during my trip I went to Mellerud for a music festival, and it was not too far from Lidkoping ; so I took a train from there and went to meet Ester and Sebastian who plays with her, and who is also her producer.
Ester spend all her summers there, so it was nice to discover these nice places she’s familiar with.
We started our little journey going to Läckö Slott, wich is a medieval castle by the lake Vänern. We had some battery difficulties, but a nice swedish couple let us borrow their electric power on the dock!
After driving around looking for a second spot, I noticed the numerous fields and I always wanted to film a band there, so we stoped at one place and put ourself right in the middle of it.
Later in the evening we took their little boat and went for a ride on the lake Vänern. Such beautiful nature around and the perfect way to finish this amazing day with one last song by the sunset.
This day was the best day of my trip ; meeting a band and sharing local places, like a mini road trip adventure.
Vanbot is a really great artist, and she and Sebastian really did it great playing acoustic, compare to the original versions of her songs, that are more electro (especially the song “Make Me, Break Me”)