Tourné le 10 juin 2011 • Södermalm, Stockholm
Jörgen is the one who contacted me in the first place. He wanted to share his music, and I immediately loved it.
He has an intense and deep voice and a really great melodic sound ; plus he sings in swedish! If you like Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes, you'll love his music.

He proposed me to go film in a Barber shop. I thought the idea quite fun, so I was really excited about this session.
He actually needed a haircut, so the idea was to film one song before and one after the hair cut ; I let you discover the transformation.

We also did the interview while the hairdesser was cutting his hair which look quite interesting.
I think that's the most fun interview I made. Good choice Jörgen!


Jörgen Kjellgren

Quand il ne fait pas de musique, Jörgen est rédacteur freelance à Stockholm.

Il a sorti un premier album "Noir Syndrom" en 2010 et un EP "St Judas" en 2011