Tourné le 1 mai 2012 • Midsommarkransen, Stockholm
Carolina released her new album "Där vi en gång var" (Where we once were) early May.
This is her second one, more Pop and really catchy, lots of hit songs like "Sanningen" and "Baby". I really advice everyone to get it!

Back in Stockholm in April for the album release party, I had to get a new session and film some new songs.
Carolina found a very nice place in Midsommarkransen, a little cinema/cafe named Tellus. It's very cosy and we were welcomed by a very nice man who works there and who helped us to set up.

There were 2 pianos there, so it was perfect to play.
Carolina was joined by Marika who plays keyboard and sing with her on shows. Together they did a really fun performance of "Sanningen", "Jag har fått nog av dig" and my absolute favorite "Baby".

This session was so fun, and I again had the best time hanging out with Carolina and Marika, so fun and talented. TACK!

Carolina Wallin Pérez

Originaire de Melerud, Carolina Wallin Pérez chante du jazz depuis l'âge de 16 ans.

Plusieurs années plus tôt, elle découvre le groupe de rock suédois Kent et au début de l'année 2008, avec le producteur Fredrik Bergström Okazaki, elle reprend certaines de leurs chansons d'une façon plus jazz dans un premier album Pärlor och Svin sorti en 2009.

En mai 2012, elle sort son deuxième album, plus pop "Dar vi en gång var"avec des chansons originales.
Carolina joue et tourne aussi avec d'autres artistes suédois comme Say Lou Lou, Lorentz, Alina Devecerski, Mariette…