Tourné le 4 juin 2011 • Årsta, Stockholm
I discovered Rickard's music last march when I went to a show at Landet during my last trip in Stockholm in March.
It was special night called "Boom Boom and Dooms Earth Hour live", where everything was turned off ; no electricity or instruments pluggled for one hour.

Few bands played one or two songs, and when Rickard started to play ; I was very surprised because it was just instrumental guitar, but it sounded really good. Just simple melodies that goes on perfectly.
After the show I immediatly talked to him about my project, and that i'd love to film him when I'll be back in Stockholm in June.

So here we are, 4th of june, I arrived the day before, and he's the first one on the "To Film" list.

I met him in Årsta, a suburb of Stockholm, where he lives, and we set up the session in a little backyard outside his appartment.



Rickard Jäverling

Rickard Jäverling est originaire de Borlänge en Dalécarlie.

En 2002, il commence à enregistrer de la musique instrumentale. Inspiré par la guitare acoustique il construit autour d'elle des paysages sonores qui reflètent son intérêt pour la musique expérimentale plus moderne.

Son 1e EP "Instrumental ep” sort en 2004 suivi de son 1e album "Two times five lullaby” en 2006.
En 2009 il sort son 3e album ”The Valleys”.