Alice Boman in the TV show Transparent

Few months ago, Alice Boman was in Los Angeles to be part of the second season of the tv show "Transparent".
In the first episode, we could hear the song "Waiting" in a remix by the Malmö artist PAL, and in the 9th episode it's Alice herself we could see perform her song.

An amazing experience for her, shared by the artist :

"Transparent is one of the best TV series I have seen. Such honesty, humanity, importance and humor. Season 2 is out now and I feel so honored and happy to be part of it, having "Waiting" featured in two episodes. One time with the beautiful PAL remix and then in one episode I am singing in person. Those late summer days in California still feels like a dream. The atmosphere and the love on set, among everyone involved and to the project, was such a great thing to experience and witness and I understood even more how special this show is, in so many ways. So if you haven't watched Transparent, you should. I promise, it will go straight your heart."

Listen here : ”Waiting” (PAL Remix)

Alice Boman

Originaire de Malmö, Alice Boman enregistre un album démos qui intéressa le label Adrian Recordings.

Un EP sortira officiellement en 2013, suivi d'un 2e en 2014.

Alice compose des ballades aux piano à travers la simplicité, avec une voix remplie de fragilité émotionnelle et de mélancolie.