Melby - None Of This Makes Me Worry

Article : Antoine Morin

This is a band that is frankly worth watching, with a first full-length album of high quality. This band is Melby, a Stockholm-based quartet formed with David Jehrlander, Teo Jernkvist, Are Engen Steinsholm and Matilda Wiezell. Active since 2016 with several singles and one EP, the year 2019 is their true breakout year with this impressive set of ten indie rock and pop songs, which are also largely inspired by psychedelic music. Signed to the Rama Lama Records label, their sound distinguishes itself thanks to its sweetly distorted guitars and of course, Matilda Wiezell’s voice, which can be closely compared to Amanda Bergman’s. In the same vein, Melby’s sound can also be seen as considerably close to Amason’s, but is far more centered on rock elements and guitar riffs.
If we rather concentrate on the songs making up this album in particular, we can hear powerful tracks with an average time length of about three minutes and a half, giving them a strong but enjoyable pace. The piece of work starts off with an already-published single titled “VCR”, then followed by another one released last year, “Reject”. We therefore witness a pair of catchy and energetic compositions, comfortably installing us in the band’s universe. In English or in Swedish (such as in the case of “Stress” or “Merit”), each song benefits from a brilliant production process, notably remarkable during “Overthinking” and its superb vocal duets. To top it off, the tortuous psychedelic ballad “Stalker” concludes the album in a definitive and efficient way, offering a finale to this great musical adventure. Impossible to regret taking part of it once… or more!



La pop psychédélique à son meilleur avec Melby, un quatuor de Stockholm avec les membres Matilda Wiezell, Are Engen Steinsholm, David Jehrlander et Teo Jernkvist.

Sous la maison de disques Rama Lama Records, ils ont sorti leur premier EP éponyme en 2017 et continuent leur ascension avec le single Reject.

En Avril 2019 sort leur premier album None Of This Makes Me Worry.