Simian Ghost - Last Night

Article : Antoine Morin

Simian Ghost, an alternative indie band hailing from Sandviken and Gävle, in the Gästrikland province, have just released a brand new single in support of their upcoming album, expected to come out on September 29th. This album, simply self-titled Simian Ghost, will be the fourth in the career of the band, composed of Sebastian Arnström, Erik Klinga, Mathias Zachrisson and Wilhelm Magnusson. Co-produced by member of Phoenix : Thomas Hedlund, We feel the influence and the musical rhythm. With a constantly increasing success throughout their albums, this new work displays, according to the band itself, a more dance and even disco genre.

This third single Last Night, extracts from their upcoming album, is featuring a quite uptempo rhythm and several elements similar to funk or disco music, and offers us a solid sneak peek of what the next album could possibly give us. Straightforward lyrics that combine very well with the music and a surprising production effort make the song an efficient three minutes to make people dance and enjoy the moment. It is worth following closely!

Simian Ghost

Simian Ghost est un groupe pop alternatif originaire de Sandviken / Gävle, composé de Sebastian Arnström, Erik Klinga et Mathias Zachrisson.

Sebastian sort un premier album solo "Infinite Traffic Everywhere", puis est rejoint par son frère Erik et ami de lycée Mathias en 2010.

En 2011 Simian Ghost devient un projet à temps plein, une musique pop rock au style chillwave.
Ils sortent leur deuxième album Youth" début 2012. Leur troisième album "The Veil" sort en 2015