Ane Brun live at Cafe de la Danse

Tourné le 28 septembre 2010 • Café de la Danse, Paris
In 2010, this was Ane's third time at Cafe de la Danse, and maybe her best concert ever in France.
She had a really great band leaded by the amazing drummer Ola Hultgren, and the beautifull Jennie Abrahamson on keyboard, Linnea Olsson on the cello/bass and Anna Rodell on the violin.
It was a great performance of her best songs.
Also thanks to my team, Vivien Fossez, Stéphane Douillard, Céline Eudier for helping me out, you did a great job!

Ane Brun Café de la Danse

Ten Seconds
Balloon Ranger
The Puzzle
To Let Myself Go
My Lover Will Go
Rubber & Soul
Humming One Of Your Songs
Koop Island Blues
The Treehouse Song
Round Table Conference
Lullaby For Grown Ups
My Star
This Voice
The Fall
It's Alright
Don't Leave
The Fight Song
Changing Of The Seasons
True Colours
5 Passage Louis-Philippe
75011 Paris