Jose Gonzalez & The String Theory, La Cigale Paris

Tourné le 25 janvier 2017 • La Cigale, Paris
In a sold out Cigale, Jose Gonzalez gave a concert of almost 2 hours in the company of the collective The String Theory, made of ensembles from Göteborg and Berlin.

Jose played a collection of the best songs from his three solo albums performed brilliantly and
enlightened by the arrangements of the String Theory.
A wonderful evening in front of a conquered audience. Here are few extracts in videos:



Andreas Andersson (bass clarinet)
Nathalie Barusta (backing vocals)
Elke Brauweiler (viola)
Patrick "PC/Nackt" Christensen (conductor)
Erik Dahl  (trombone)
Stephanie Deckers (waldhorn)
Sebastian Gäbel (electric guitar, backing vocals)
José González (Guitar / Vocals)
Karin Hagström (violin)
Christoph "Mäcki" Hamann (violin)
Frédérique Labbow (cello)
Bernd "Ben" Lauber (percussion, sound effects)
Robert Marberg (violin)
Emelie Molander (violin)
Lina Molander (viola)
Maja Molander (cello)
Patricia "Chérie" Peters (backing vocals)
Andres Renteria (percussion)
Erik Rosenkvist (trumpet)
Daniel Schröteler (percussion, sound effects)
Nils Tegen (piano)
Marta Torkilsdóttir Johannesen (flute)


Tilman Hopf
Jesper Lindell
Maria Andrén

Light : Kristoffer Berg
Artwork Eric Magassa
Layout/Design Nathalie Barusta Gäbel
Backdrop (K Berg, JG, N. B. Gäbel)

All Songs by Jose Gonzalez unless stated after.

Jose Gonzalez & The String Theory, La Cigale Paris

What if – P. Christensen
Every Age
Down the line
How Low
The Forest
Cycling Trivialities - arr P. Christensen
Arrows – N. Tegen
Broken Arrows
Crosses arr B. Lauber
What will
Heartbeats – O. Dreijer, K. Dreijer
Prism Part Blue - P. Christensen, B. Lauber
Teardrop – Massive attack
Line of fire - Araya, Gonzalez, Winterkorn
Leaf Off / The Cave - P. Christensen, B. Lauber
Let it Carry you
Molder -Lauber, Schröteler, Renteria
Stories we build, Stories we tell
Killing for love
- - -
120 Boulevard de Rochechouart
75018 Paris