Tourné le 1 septembre 2017 • Vitabergsparken, Stockholm
Early meeting in this morning of first day of September. I meet Jakob alias Algesten, in town because he’s playing the same evening with Säkert! at Popaganda.

Originaly from Umeå, Algesten is recognized in the Nordic music scene and has been part of several bands, including Säkert! as her guitar player. That's how I discovered him.
So I was happy to meet him and discover his solo project. I love his 2 albums, the first in English released in 2016 and the second in Swedish released in 2017.

We are heading to Vitabergsparken in Södermalm, where Jakob performs 2 songs from his 2 albums.
A beautiful and calm atmosphere, drifted by his soft melodies.


Originaire d’Umeå, Jakob Nyström, de son vrai nom, est un auteur-compositeur-interprète prolifique connu sous le nom d’Algesten.

Il a démarré sa carrière dans les groupes Isolation Years et Two White Horses, a tourné avec Deportees et Jonas Bergsten et est aussi membre permanent du groupe Säkert!

Ses deux albums solo se nomment Algesten (2016) et Pilgrim (2017). D’un style pop et folk, il saura charmer l’oreille bien attentive.