Tourné le 12 août 2019 • Palmhuset, Göteborg
I discovered Arvid Nero a little more than a year ago, and I realy liked his particular voice and folk style.
This is a really talented artist that I wanted to highlight.
An impressive and powerful voice with melancholy folk and bluesy melodies.

I was able to visit him last summer in Göteborg where he lives, and we had the chance to film in the beautiful greenhouse
Palmhuset, a huge palm house built in 1878.
I've been dreaming of filming there for a while, because it's a really beautifull and impressive place, with lots of different plants and exotic trees.
The perfect location for Arvid's folk melodies who played 2 songs of his lastest EP.


Arvid Nero

Arvid Nero est un auteur-compositeur-interprète très en vogue à travers la Suède et joue un style de musique folk et americana.

Sa voix marque et ses textes rappelle les grands musiciens populaires américains. Ayant déjà sorti l’album "Mother Earth" en 2018, il sorti plus récemment un EP intitulé "Takeaway People" and "Papercup Beggars".