Tourné le 29 août 2023 • Flatensjön, Stockholm
So happy to see Britta Persson again! It had been about ten years since I had seen her and when I knew she was going to release a new album, I jumped on the occasion.

I had followed her new project of children's songs launched in 2019 with the album "FOLK", a project in collaboration with the illustrators and lyricists Lisen Adbåge and Emma Adbåge.
She is now back with a new album and a book, both titled "Alla är Barn" Text and music by Britta and Adbage Illustrations.

We met in Skarpnäck and Britta took me on a little bike ride through the forest to find a small boat on the lake Flatensjön. Excellent idea! Britta took place in the small boat and wore a superb hat with feathers, an old play accessory, and performed the song "Livet i Magen", from her new album which has just been released.
Such a fun session, and great time spent with Britta!


Britta Persson

Britta Persson est une artiste originaire de Vattholma près d'Uppsala, et joue de la musique pop/rock.

Elle a sorti plusieurs albums depuis 2005 et a depuis une place importante dans la scène pop suédoise indé.

Apres une pause de 6 ans, elle revient en 2019 avec un album pour enfant intitulé "
FOLK" en collaboration avec les illustratrices et parolières Lisen Adbåge et Emma Adbåge.

En 2023 elle sort un nouveau album et un recueil de poésies "Alla är Barn" Texte et musique de Britta et les Illustrations Adbage.