Tourné le 31 juillet 2018 • Luleå
I had discovered the music of Dennis Kallas a few months before and I really loved his clean folk style. So I took the occasion of my trip in Sweden last summer to visit him.
I organized a short trip to the far north with Luleå as the first stop. I had never been so up north and it had never been so hot! Hot summer even in the north of Sweden, a first time for them!

We find a nice spot by the water, and Dennis plays the title "Window And Stone" from his brand new EP "4 AM". Then we continue our walk and finish our session under a tree with a beautiful sunset.
Dennis plays a song that will be released later this year, "The Room" in an intense performance that showcases all the sensitivity of his voice and his music.

Dennis Kalla

Auteur-compositeur-interprète originaire de Kiruna, Dennis Kalla joue principalement de la folk épuré

Il est le mieux décrit comme un mélange d’américana alternatif intime du style de Ryan Adams et de la pop de Sam Smith.

Son 1e EP sorti en 2016 a été fortement bien acclamé par la critique. En 2018 sort l'EP : "Songs 2014-2018" et en mai 2019 : "4AM"