Tourné le 30 août 2017 • Bergianska Trädgården, Stockholm
Emil Erstrand, one half of the young band Grapell, was our subject for this acoustic session. Filmed at Stockholm’s own Bergianska Trädgården, Emil offers us a performance of the title song of the very first studio album of the band, released by the end of 2017, titled Crier.

It is in a landscape that is typical to the Swedish green spaces that the fine notes of the song were played. Presenting a sweet blend of folk and pop, Grapell charms with its intimate sonority and its agilely built melodies. Reduced to its simplest expression with only a guitar and a voice, we therefore have a never-before-heard version to your own pleasure!


Emil Erstrand et Nils Nygårdh sont deux amis d’enfance en provenance de Stockholm, et ensemble ils forment Grapell.

Faisant de la musique depuis le lycée, leur style alternatif attire l’attention de plusieurs.

Ils ont d’ailleurs pu sortir un EP nommé Love Chamber, en 2016 puis plus récemment leur premier album intitulé Crier.