Tourné le 7 août 2017 • Gårda, Göteborg
Holy Now is a new pop rock band that I discovered, and I really liked their style. A very indie sound with catchy rhythms and singular guitars riffs.
I really wanted to do a session with them and I took t
he opportunity of a visit to Gothenburg to meet them.

The appointment is given at their rehearsal studio in the district of Gårda. The band installs their instruments in the grand staircase for an electric performance of 2 songs.

Holy Now

En provenance de Göteborg, Holy Now est un jeune groupe pop composé de Ylva Holmdahl, Julia Olander, Samuel von Bahr Jemth et Hampus Eiderström Swahn.

Signés à la maison de disques indépendante Lazy Octopus Records, le groupe a déjà lancé deux EPs, chronologiquement nommés Sorry I Messed Up et Please Call Me Back.

Mettant de l’avant un style très indie pop et rock, Holy Now offre de belles mélodies sur une instrumentation énergique et dynamique.