Tourné le 10 juin 2011 • Vasastan, Stockholm
I've known Jennie for a while now, and already filmed her last summer for my documentary "Sounds Of Stockholm".
Since she had a new album that came out last April (in Scandinavia), I really wanted to film something new with her and especially with her band.

I met Jennie with her drummer Mikael Häggström and her guitar player Robert Svensson, at their studio. This is where they recorded the new album, and the one before.
For this session I decided to film differently ; It's quite difficult to film a band in a Studio, especially when there are so many things happening musically ; so when Jennie suggested we could do many takes, I thought it would be perfect for and multi-cameras editing.
The result is quite good, I'm really happy about it.

She started with her hit single "Hard To Come By" ; really great song with really good instruments combinations, and a very catchy piano baseline.
And then she played a more quite one "Running".
Jennie's new album is really great ; you can recognize her special sound and effects that work perfectly. She's really good with all the different mixing, and instrumentation, I really like the production of her music, effects, instruments, rythms, and her voice too of course.
it's so perfect! Go listen to it!


Jennie Abrahamson

Originaire du nord de la Suède, Jennie Abrahamson nous offre une pop mélancolique, au style 80's, rythmé et minimaliste.

En 2007 elle monte son propre label et a sorti depuis 4 albums, dont le dernier "Gemini Gemini " paru au printemps 2015.

Jennie à beaucoup tourné et collaboré avec d'autres artistes comme Ane Brun et plus recemment avec Peter Gabriel.