Tourné le 4 septembre 2018 • Solna, Stockholm
Big favorite and again a great discovery this summer with the band La Lusid.
Suggested by their label Birds Records, I really liked their indie pop style with analog sounds like the 60's and 70’s pop music.
A dreamy, soft and melancholy atmosphere carried by a beautiful and warm voice. A real pleasure to listen to.

I met the band in the suburbs of Stockholm, in Solna at Lafayette Studios, where they settled in a abandoned room for a real live recording. We filmed two songs "Gran Canaria" and "Not For Us" from their new album released last September.

La Lusid

La Lusid est un groupe basé à Stockholm composé des membres Paulina Palmgren, Fabian Ballago, Samuel Collmar, Karl Hovmark et Johan Nilsson.

D’un style de pop indépendante et aux mélodies finement composées, le quintet a sorti en septembre 2018 leur premier album, simplement intitulé La Lusid, sous le label Birds Records.