Tourné le 17 avril 2009 • Paris
A while ago, I wanted to make acoustic sessions in Paris....It didn't really turn out great. I was less experienced than I am now, and didn't have a good camera (especially on the 2 last videos which are in DV!). So I never wanted to put those videos online before..
But now I think it's a bit of a shame not to share them, because they were still quite fun to do.
So don't pay too much attention to the quality...I will hopefully film Nina again, and do better!

One year after filming the 2 other videos, I met Nina again at the Swedish Institute in Paris, where she was playing the evening.
I wanted that song since the 1st session, I had to film it, and we did it the beautiful garden of the institute.

Nina was touring with Ane Brun in spring 2008 and she was joining her in Paris for the festival Les Femmes s'en Mêlent.
Ane was playing that night at la Maroquinerie. The area is not great to film session outdoors...not easy to find a nice original place, but i did manage to find two interesting spot nearby the venue.

Nina Kinert

Nina Kinert est une artiste pop/folk originaire de Stockholm.

Elle a sorti depuis 2004 plusieurs albums : "Heartbreaktown", "Visitor", "Pets & Friends", "Red Leader Dream".
Nina a aussi collaboré avec des artistes comme Ane Brun et plus récemment Tomas Barfod.

Après plusieurs années d'absences, elle revient en 2015 avec un nouvel album sous le nom de Nina K.