Tourné le 2 août 2014 • Hästhagens Idrottsplats, Malmö
It's my first time in Malmö and I have planned to meet great artists during these few days.
I'm really happy to meet again Big Fox, who I'm filming first. We met in Paris when I booked a show for her, and I really wanted to come visit her.

She was joined by her cellist Gerda and drummer Adam, who sounded really nice all together.
After beeing caught up by the rain in a park, we found an under cover spot in a stadium.
A quite original place, but which turned out to look and sound pretty good!

Big Fox

Big Fox alias Charlotta Perers sort son 1e album éponyme qu'elle écrit, compose et produit elle même.

Mêlant piano, cordes et xylophone dans des arrangements aussi mélancoliques que lumineux, elle lie le tout de sa voix suave proche de Cat Power, Feist.

Elle sort son 2e album "Now" 2013 produit par Fredrik Karlsson du groupe Solander.

En concert elle est acompagnée des musiciens Gerda Holmquist et Adam Hjertström.