Tourné le 16 juin 2011 • Rhododendronparken, Halmstad
I've known Linnea for many years. I met her from Ane Brun and Nina Kinert with whom she plays cello and bass guitar on their shows.
I discovered her solo project in 2010 when she was touring and opening for Ane. It was only her singing and playing the cello using samples and looping effects.
The first time I heard her music, I was really impressed by her technique and style. I've never heard of anything like this, especially "The Ocean" which is really amazing.

When I was in Stockholm in June 2011 to film bands, I planned on visiting Linnea in Halmstad where she lives. I always had this idea of filming her playing "The Ocean" on a cliff by the sea.
But then I thought of doing something more...Her music is so perfect and special, that I didn't want to just film one or two songs like that...I wanted to make a movie.
After mentioning her the idea, she came up with some kind of story where she would be playing music in different nature places of Halmstad...

The result is a 32 minutes short movie that will soon be keep your eyes open!
Until then, here's one song from it, my favorite, "Giddy Up!"


Linnea Olsson

Originaire de Halmstad, Linnea Olsson a débuté avec son groupe Paintbox.

Pendant plusieurs années elle a accompagné au violoncelle et à la basse les artistes Ane Brun, Frida Hyvonen, et Nina Kinert. Depuis 2010 elle écrit et compose ses propres compositions au violoncelle.

Elle a sorti un premier album "Ah!" en 2012 et son 2e album "Breaking and Shaking" est paru en 2014.

En 2017 sort un nouvel EP : "For Show".