Tourné le 3 septembre 2021 • Göteborg
Lisa Wanloo is an artist that I had already spotted the year before. An indie rock style that I really liked and very promising talent. Unfortunately we were not able to organize a session, it was only postponed because here I am back in Göteborg and the occasion to contact her again.
We were lucky, the weather was wonderful and we were able to film outside on the docks by the water, a typical Göteborg setting.

Lisa, who has just released her first album, performed on electric guitar the song “Drag Me Away” from it, and an older song “Bury You Again” on a very original little Merlin guitar!

Her album, composed of nine songs, displays in large the musical universe of its creator, as much in its more peaceful moments as in its great flights of distortions and the spectacular. Led by a minimalist and consistent guitar and the expressive voice of Lisa, the sound proposed in “Shadows” is one which is likely to resonate loudly in the ears of the amateurs of underground concerts. The instrumental performances are excellent and the compositions contain a sufficient dose of surprises that will please!

Lisa Wanloo

Lisa Wanloo est une auteure-compositrice-interprète de Göteborg.

Jouant un style rock relativement minimaliste, mais en toute intensité un peu à la manière shoegaze, elle est active depuis 2018 et a lancé en 2021 son premier album "Shadows".