Tourné le 6 octobre 2011 • Mariatorget, Stockholm
What's great with swedish bands is that the members often come from different projects.
Little Gang is the combination of Jacob Snavely from Dag För Dag, Rebbeka Karijord, Erik Nilsson who usually plays drums with her and Elias Krantz who plays in the band Hhappiness.

I met them at Rebekka's studio near Mariatorget. Jacob wanted to play electric, because the band uses effects on their vocals, so they set up the room like a mini rehearsal studio.
Their style is quite deep and indie, a darker sound than Rebekka's music but less rock than Dag För Dag.
I guess it's a bit of a mix of everybody's influences that makes a really good result!

Little Gang

Little Gang est le projet collectif de Jacob Snavely, qui compose les morceaux. il est accompagné de Rebbeka Karijord, Erik Nilsson et Carl Von Arbin (Shout Out Louds).

Enregistré pendant l'hivers 2011, Little Gang sort leur premier album ¨Half of Everything¨ en 2012.