Tourné le 8 septembre 2020 • Katarina Kyrkogård, Stockholm
Vilma Flood is an Americana folk artist. A mesmerizing and deep voice with powerful and melancholic melodies. A promising artist who had great success with her latest album “Moodswinger” released in 2019 and produced by Tobias Froberg.

I had the opportunity to meet her to film two acoustic songs in the cemetery of Katarina Church, a very nice place with the church in the background.
Joined by her guitar player, Vilma performed "Hands Of Fate" from her latest album, as well as an exclusing and excellent new song "Lifegroove".
An excellent discovery and truly an artist with strong musical potential to be followed closely!

Vilma Flood

Originaire du Dalarna, Vilma Flood est une auteure-compositrice-interprète qui joue un style folk et blues, tout en gardant une certaine noirceur.

Ayant sorti son premier single en 2014, puis son premier album Before Sunrise en 2016, Vilma a fait sa percée sur la scène scandinave Americana en 2019 lorsque son album "Moodswinger" a reçu des critiques élogieuses.

Elle poursuivi avec le single : ”End”  le premier d'un prochain album, à nouveau produit par Tobias Fröberg.