Tourné le 1 août 2012 • Ekerö, Stockholm
Woodlands is the new band of Sara Wilson, sister of Jenny Wilson. When I heard about her new project, and knowing that Sara lives in the nature and countryside, we had to film a session in the woods!

Afer a quite long bus ride, and boat to access an island outside Stockholm, where Sara lives, I met Niklas and Marcus, the rest of the trio band.
Then, followed by Pixie the cat, we entered the forest for one first song all acoustic.

Woodlands is band very inspired by old blues rock music. We went back inside to plugg everything and record 2 more songs more rock, and electric.





Woodlands est un de trio composé de Sara Wilson au chant/guitare, Niklas Korssell à la batterie et Marcus Holmberg à la basse.

Formé en 2011 le groupe joue du rock aux style 60/70's influentsé par Yoko Ono, T-Rex, Grateful Dead et Neil Young.

Ils sortent leur premier album éponyme en 2012.