Tourné le 15 Août 2017 • Skinnarviksberget, Stockholm
Right in the middle of the month of August, and with a beautiful weather reigning over Stockholm, we had the chance to join the mythical and internationally famous band Mando Diao for an acoustic session. After joining them at Skinnarviksberget, in Södermalm, we could meet Björn Dixgård and Jens Siverstedt, two of the five members of the group. In this park featuring a cliff that gives a flawless view on the center of Stockholm, we had a perfect panorama for such a renowned band.

With a new album called Good Times, released earlier during the year 2017 (for which a presentation is also available here), the band mates chose to perform two recent songs. First, they began with Watch Me Now, that greatly features Björn’s singular voice. Then, they played Money, a very catchy song with a strong guitar playing.

*Mando Diao will be back in Paris on February 17th at La Maroquinerie !*

Mando Diao

Mando Diao est un très populaire groupe de rock alternatif provenant de Borlänge, dans le Dalarna.

Ils sont actifs depuis 1999 et ont régulièrement lancé des albums au fil des années, ayant un fort succès en Europe et en Asie avant tout.

Maintenant composé de Björn Dixgård, Carl-Johan Fogelklou, Daniel Haglund, Patrik Heikinpieti et Jens Siverstedt, le groupe lance le huitième album studio de leur histoire en mai 2017.