Tourné le 2 septembre 2019 • Botaniska Trädgården, Göteborg
Last summer I discovered a really excellent band : Maple & Rye.
When I first listened to their music, I immediately loved their indie folk style with catchy rhythms and their vocal harmonies.
Pure authentic and excellent folk music, everything I love!

I wanted to do a session with them so much, that I made a round trip Stockholm - Gothenburg the same day just for them!
We went to the Botaniska Trädgård park, where the band performed 2 song. Their brand new single: “Eldorado” which has just been released.
A really excellent song! The energy of their voices and their powerful melodies give us a good taste of their new album which will be released in May.
They also played a second song, just as good, "Hymns of Poseidon" from their first EP.
No doubt this band will go far and is to be followed very closely! For sur this is one of my best sessions and discovery of last summer !

Maple & Rye

Formé par Gustav Rybo-Molin et Leo Lönnroth puis rejoin par Milton Lönnroth et Henrik Bielsten, Maple & Rye est un groupe de pop indépendante largement inspirée de la scène folk, notamment pour leurs harmonies vocales précises.

Leur inspiration musicale est tirée d'une large palette allant du blues et du funk au rock et à la folk-pop, bien que les principales influences soient la vie émotionnelle des membres.

Basé à Göteborg, le voyage musical du groupe a commencé en 2016 avec la sortie de leur premier single “Lost”. En 2017 sort leur premier EP “Nothing Poetic” qui a été fort bien accueilli par le public et les critiques.

En Mai 2020 sort leur premier album “For Everything”.